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This is a community where people can talk about music and is dedicated to Kelsi Emanuel (To check out her merch, go to her website which is provided). This doesn't mean that all music cannot be deiscussed. In other words: This is a community where music fans can gather and and share their ideas and opinions. It's a place where artists can promote themselves and other musical talents. So come and share what you think or want to say!

(sorry there have to be some)

1) Please keep the flaming to a minimun, because know that if you flame you will be flamed back...you have been warned.

2) You must like or atleast tolerate macaroni and cheese (heh, just kidding)

3) Posts will be deleted if I so deem necessary, so beware bitches!

4) Have fun!

5) Go to Kelsi's Site! ^_^

Remember Dammit loves you! So love him too

Dammit Forked you

Mod: den_of_misery
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